The overall powers of the Authority are vested in a Board of Directors while the day-to day activities are under the direction of the Managing Director who also serves as a Secretary to the Board. The Board, which comprises ten (10) members, is appointed by the Minister responsible for water affairs in consultation with the Minister responsible for local government. The Board draws members from key stakeholders including the central and local governments as well as big and small water users.

The current Board of Directors was appointed on 1st  July 2016 and its tenure covers three (3) years until 30th  June, 2019.The members of the Board are as follows:

(1) Eng. Bashir J. Mrindoko Chairman
(2) Bibi.  Mackrine Shija Vice Chairman
(3) Bw.   Albert Msovela Member
(4) Eng.  Maria Kalavia Member
(5) Eng.  Joel Rugemalila Member
(6) Bw.   Magoiga S. Murimi Member
(7) Bi.   Gloria  j. Ngwira Member
NB. Uteuzi wa wajumbe hawa unaanza tarehe 1 Julai, 2016 hadi tarehe 30 Juni,2019