Lake Victoria Water Supply Scheme stretches Southwards about 194km from the Lake Victoria at the Smith Sound Bay in Misungwi District to Shinyanga and Kahama towns and Eastwards to Ngudu town in Kwimba District covering a total distance of 272km passing through 57 villages located within 12km from the main pipeline. The treatment plant is located at Ihelele sub-village in Nyanghomango village, Misungwi District, some 120km North-West of Shinyanga Town and 110km South West of Mwanza City.

The intake incorporates an open channel of 58m length, 3.5m deep and 1.2m wide at the drawing point. The open channel conveys water to a sump well where it is pumped through a 900mm diameter steel pipe to a conventional treatment plant located about 3.3km. Currently, the treatment plant has an installed capacity of producing 80 million litres of water per day. However, the treatment plant has provisions for escalation of the capacity from 80 to 120 million litres per day.

Treatment and Storage
The treatment process involves flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. After the filtration and disinfection, water flows into a clear water tank where it is pumped through a 900mm diameter and 6.3km length steel pipe to a reservoir of 35 million litres capacity located at a height approximately 400m above the level of high lift pumps. The reservoir is made-up of reinforced concrete material.

Within the treatment plant premises there is a water laboratory with modern facilities for water quality analysis before and after production. The water transmission system has facilities in Shinyanga and Kahama towns for carrying out post disinfection.

Water Transmission
From reservoir the water flows throughout the entire supply area by gravity to storage tanks of varying capacities depending on demand of the respective area. The size of the storage tanks ranges from 80 to 250 thousands litres in villages and 18 million litres in towns. All storage tanks are made up of reinforced concrete. The transmission pipe line comprises steel pipes with diameters ranging from 100mm to 1,200mm and total length 203km, GRP Pipes with diameter ranging from 450mm to 500mm and total length 23 as well as HDPE pipes with diameter 200mm and total length of 24km.