Extension of Water Transmission Main to Ngudu Town.
This project is also implemented under WSDP, whereby a 45km transmission pipeline is extended from Mhalo Village to Ngudu town in Kwimba District. The project is implemented jointly by in-house staffs from KASHWASA, Mwanza Urban Water and Sanitation (MWAUWASA) and Kwimba District Council. the following progress was made:-

-A 22km length new water transmission main from Runere village to Ngudu town was laid.
-A total of 53 anchor blocks were constructed to reinforce the pipeline.
-A total of 29 chambers of air and washout valves, a flow meter and sectional valves were constructed.
-Existing pipeline from Mhalo village to Runele Village was rehabilitated by replacing the old dilapidated pipes by the new ones.
-Construction of a water kiosk was underway.

Also,Nyashimbi, Magobeko, Kakulu and Butegwa villages were connected.